Are Any of the 9/11 Heroes Terrorists?

Who is a terrorist? Republicans want to know and they will stop at no length to find out – even if it takes insulting the very 9/11 heroes that gave their lives and livelihoods in responding to one of the worst disaster to ever hit our country.  I would hate it if by some fluke of crossed technology that major republican players and their corporation masters are somehow ignored in their time of need … like, oops, sorry we took so long responding, our alarm system as been screwed up ever since the FBI and Homeland Security forces had their tech squad combing through our computer files for terrorists. Plus given the fact that cops, firemen and construction workers are union members and that unions are pinko commie terrorist hotbeds of terrorist activity … this fact puts fear into the souls of red hating terrorist hating democrat hating tea party republicans … no wonder republicans want to stand up to protect the rightful citizens of the United States of America by demanding that people on life support fill out paperwork providing their affiliations and credentials.

I’ve distilled an article from Huffington Post that sums up the insult – you have got to ask yourself if Ducky from NCIS ever had to autopsy a tea party member’s or republican house member’s brain would he find any evidence of humanity? Or would their insides be android?

Remember the person’s name responsible for this crazy debacle: Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.). Do you think that this is a republican sting operation in disguise?

9/11 Responders To Be Warned They Will Be Screened By FBI’s Terrorism Watch List by Mike McAuliff, published 4/21/2011

A provision in the new 9/11 health bill may be adding insult to injury for people who fell sick after their service in the aftermath of the 2001 Al Qaeda attacks, The Huffington Post has learned.

The tens of thousands of cops, firefighters, construction workers and others who survived the worst terrorist assault in U.S. history and risked their lives in its wake will soon be informed that their names must be run through the FBI’s terrorism watch list, according to a letter obtained by HuffPost.

Any of the responders who are not compared to the database of suspected terrorists would be barred from getting treatment for the numerous, worsening ailments that the James Zadroga 9/11 Health And Compensation Law was passed to address.

The provision was added in an amendment by Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.) during the heated debate over the bill in the House Energy and Commerce Committee last May.

As doctors and administrators begin acting on the federal instructions, participants in the 9/11 treatment and monitoring programs will soon be told that their names, places of birth, addresses, government ID numbers and other personal data will be provided to the FBI to ensure they are not terrorists.

“This amendment was adopted in the full Energy and Commerce Committee without opposition and it merely requires that the names of those receiving health benefits be cross-checked with the terrorist watch list to ensure that no terrorists get these benefits,” Stearns said.

“These benefits are not just for our first responders; nearly anyone who was in the vicinity or worked on a cleanup crew afterward is eligible,” he noted.