Happy Holiday$

Wow. I feel underwhelmed. 2010 is going out cloaked in snow storms, lackluster legislators are flying home, and banksters are rolling in their bonuses. Happy Holidays.
Our senators and house reps seemed to have finally found their !@##% in the holiday punch bowl before their 2010 sessions ended. DADT, START, 911 Responders, Extended Unemployment – plus continued tax relief (the ONLY kind of relief that Republicans actually believe in) all passed in the last two weeks of December.  Some House representatives won’t be back due the mini roar (only 17% republicans voted in November’s elections – hardly a majority) and the census redistricting (which seems to be a lot like dieting: all the fat gets redistributed to below the Mason-Dixon line.)  And who said that just because a voter leaves a Dem state for a job in a Repub state there will be more republican districts? It doesn’t mean that voters get lobotomized crossing state borders … I see new voting trends on the horizon – maybe a little Yankee wake up alarm will ruffle a lot of Dixie feathers!

[New peeve: Invisible holds freezing a bills progress from ever being consider/debated/voted on by our representatives – this practice is plainly undemocratic; it is equivalent to a bullying episode lead by lobbyists and pork barrel-promises – shameful! ]