Do Not Buy $arah Palin’s New Book

Boycott $arah Palin’s new book “America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag. I had originally thought that the best place for this book would be in a bonfire but then it would have to be purchased first adding to Palin’s overall gross, so rats on that idea. I can’t think of a better book to burn, not to censor it but to save my brain cells, as well as others, from rotting.
When I consider all the worse jobs in all the world, like being a miner, I think that being Palin’s ghostwriter has got to be one of the worse. How can she raise her head and claim to be a writer – how would she take credit for such a BS job? Plus it’s not like she would have much of a challenging vocabulary to work with.
$arah Palin’s ignorance coins new word: SNL did a news sketch [11/20/2010] on Webster’s Dictionary acceptance of Palin’s slaughtered combo non-word “refudiate” – which gives her credit, as well as all of her Dumbo Tea Party followers that latched on to her parsed word – I too echo SNL when I ask >> REALLY Merriam-Webster’s??!!!

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  1. i was starting to assume i would possibly be the only student that cared about this, at the least now i learn i’m not crazy 🙂 i will make sure to take a look at a number other blogposts just after i get a bit of caffeine in me, adios for now 🙂

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