With the world all pressing in, primary elections with its calls and talking points, and TV commercials spewing lie after lie, and war (don’t forget the war) , book burnings and NIMBY all over the place, having to remember at least 25 passwords and additional phone numbers plus the juggling act of having to charge all of your digital devices – don’t you just want to throw your arms up into the air and lose yourself in mindless shopping? [The kind of store-to-store shopping where the next day brings denial and self loathing]. Suffering from shopper’s hangover you really have no idea what you were thinking. What were you thinking! 

Some gadgets and people don’t make a good mix at times. Take cell phones for instance – dropped calls and low reception areas are my pet peeves. Sometimes you jumble numbers and ages; and prehistoric birds swoop in under a fog of secrecy to pluck unsuspecting golfers on God’s great gift, Cape Cod. Or at least you feel it could happen what with scientists playing around with dinosaur DNA. These crazy thoughts allow you to fill yourself up by ordering a second sundae without any guilt considering that you dieted yourself into a size 10 that took three years to mold. Torture is not your thing, not that you consider dieting torture but withholding macaroni and cheese is known to turn on a killer response [which must be a Freudian slip of sorts] What were you thinking! Is this hyperbole enough for you?

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