Got Pork? My Pet-Peeves of the Week Wrap Up

The Grumpy Ol’ Poops keep stacking up crazy stunts lately, mostly in the Ironic “don’t do as I do” category: Senator Shelby earned his Thumb in His Butt award for porking to the maximum by holding up President Obama’s administration appointments because HE wants defense contracts. Doesn’t the GOP usually hate and whine about excessive pork? Except, I guess, when its members of their party that is porking America. And, surprise surprise, tea baggers stay mute on the subject.

 While I’m on the subject of awards – the weekend tea-fest bash in Tennessee gets a snowball in the face for their public orgy of stupidity: opening speaker Tom Tancredo, former Colorado representative and Republican presidential candidate, called for a civics & literacy test to qualify voters … good way to weed out those pesky tea baggers that had trouble passing middle school social studies.

 Now that I’m on a roll, Sarah Palin, can you define “hypocrisy”? Ummmm, just who can’t use the R-word? Rush Limbaugh can but Rahm Emanuel can’t? The right can but the left can’t? What’s your feelings on using the words idiot or moron, slow, simple? Should the Mental Retardation agency change it’s name? How PC do you demand your followers be? How about the G-word, the N-word? Would Trig have to be black to wipe the N-word out of your dictionary? I don’t remember you drawing the line during your 2008 campaign and NOT condoning constituent’s shouts of N—– and Kill HIM [Obama]! You were/are a pretty nasty name-caller yourself: you have called Pres. Obama a terrorist, a Muslim, you questioned his birth certificate, etc. Let those without sin not live in glasshouses!

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