I AM BACK!!!!!!!

I can’t believe that I’ve been away for 4 months to the day – Wow! What have I been up to?

Last October I was selected to participate in the first Why Moby Matters reading group offered by the New Bedford’s Whaling National Historical Park, led by Melville scholar Dr. Laurie Robertson-Lorant and Park Ranger Emily Prigot. My hard cover copy of Moby Dick had 622 pages and I read everyone of them in 9 weeks – I count this as a major accomplishment in my life. In fact, I read the book a second time while preparing an Art Lesson Plan for 11-12 grade high school students.

I read Moby as a follow up to this past summer’s National Endowment work focusing on New Bedford’s maritime past, during which time I was required to read the first four chapters and found that I liked Melville’s writing style. Every January the New Bedford Whaling Museum holds the Moby Dick [25 hour] Marathon – Melville scholars gather amongst Moby enthusiasts to read Melville’s ode to the Whilte Whale.

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