Our identity is what we represent ourselves to be given the liberty to do so


Very interesting article.
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People are what they represent. Period. And what I really despise is certain people calling a highly educated dark skinned individual an Uncle Tom or uppity n****r because s/he enunciated their words or used perfect grammar … And this is not only a white thing – all cultures discriminate by skin color and facial/fair/skeletal structure patterns! Furthermore, what infuriates me is when light skinned people tan themselves to the darkest most dark tan they can possibly achieve to flaunt their white privilege even more (!!!) as in “a good deep tan makes one look sexy and super thin!” If Rachel Dolezal identified as black then she was/is. I am not personally affected and neither is anyone else because we don’t live her life: we need to live our own authentic lives and keep our noses out of other people’s lives. Deception? No. Drama? Yes. Move on. 7/3/2015