WWJD on a Day of Renewal: 26.7% of N.C. Children Starving


 4/5/2015 Easter Sunday

The largest population stat under the poverty level in every state is made up of children and the republican solution is to get rid of SNAP & school free lunch programs. They don’t much like paternal child support payments either (maybe because a lot of legislators have to pay monthly support themselves and they don’t like the drain on their pockets). Their other solution is restricted birth control options including abortion. Republicans are Pro-life fetus-wise but anti-life after birth. The most successful states have reduced their teen pregnancy rates through education and birth control awareness support – you won’t find a red state in these stats because they only use sexual abstinence, shaming and misinformation tactics. Proper birth contraception use equals less abortions equals less unwanted mouths to feed equals less strain on city, county, state and federal budgets – who doesn’t understand this? – uh, I know! Republicans! And it goes without saying – Christian Republicans! 

Why aren’t (cute or otherwise) already born babies worth feeding? or worth doctor visits and inoculations and childcare and prekindergarten? Why? Because it takes money (taxes) away from Christian (wealthy) folks that feel they’ve earned the right to be greedy and righteously judgmental about anyone else’s lifestyle choices and the consequences of those lifestyles. The mentality here is Christians would rather (go fund to the tune of $900,000 – if not over that figure at this moment in time) support a business in Indiana that threatened bankruptcy if it couldn’t discriminate against a lifestyle that wished to eat its pizzas that it felt repugnant and sinful … than feed innocent starving children in North Carolina. Yeah, a lot of U.S. Christian mindsets are scary and repugnant to me on Easter morning.