Response to Animal Death with Respect

I watched this video and since I didn’t know the language I made up my own story supported by what I observed: a villager on the way to market/town found a mother and child monkey on the side of the road. On curious inspection the mother monkey was found to be dead and her baby in distress. Fellow villagers gathered and inspired by their religious respect for death and new life they prayed and celebrated the mother’s life and allowed the baby to grieve its mother’s passing. A bottle of milk was offered to the baby but seeing that the baby needed more time with its mother the villagers sat and continued their ritual for the dead. With respect a grave was dug and flowers were brought to the gravesite in preparation  for the final ritual. As the mother was lowered into her grave and flower pedals sprinkled around and over her body, her baby was allowed its final farewell. 

I found the video to be calming. The grieving/loss process was so respectful – the mother was honored and the pace of the ritual was peaceful. The baby was slowly separated to be fed and comforted. Do unto others as you would have done unto you translates into any language. Namaste.