Trump’s Pout

Mother Jones | This Is the Stupidest Anti-Science Bullshit of 2014: A catalogue of shame. —Tim McDonnell on Mon. December 22, 2014 6:00 AM PDT Facebook post yesterday at 2:57 pm 2.2K Likes 259 comments
>Me 1/1/2015: Wow. Would you just look at Trump’s pout. Gaze on it and ponder how entitled that pout is … it is a two year old’s pout that never left his face in what – over sixty-six-some-odd years (he may have been born with his famous pout and using it for his full 68 years) – and has served him well because it has benefitted him throughout his whole entitled life. It has seen him through business wheelings and dealings, some shady, some legal; multiple bankruptcies; marriages and divorces; presidency runs; TV shows; public hyperbole and droll internet presence. Anything that exits his mouth is the same prattle that he’s been issuing from birth, and should be given as much credence. Oh hail the over self-indulged and pompous ass, Donald Trump. Woot, woot. <>
>Cynthia Nelsen Armstrong 12/31/2014: Michael Miller have you seen this!! Love the Texas text book! I remember my children’s textbook listed anchorage as the capital of Alaska. My kids argued with teacher but she had none of it! They came home told me I sent them to school with the Juno proof. The teacher said the book says anchorage. I told my kids to put Juno on the test and yes they got it wrong!
>Kristina Richardson 12/31: WHY is it cool to be uninformed now?!?! The dumbing down of Americans is the most ANNOYING part of the past 20 years!!
>Fernando Daniel Santiago 12/31: Being stupid has been fashionable since most of us were in high school. Not justifying it, just saying that our society’s downfall will come from it’s love of the superficial, the luxurious and the delusional.
>Kristina Richardson 12/31: I just want to scream.. STOP MAKING STUPID PEOPLE FAMOUS!!!
>Sheila Brady 1/1: Haha” Jordan, that’s funny!
I think dumbing down is useful to keeping the status quo. So, be dumbed if you will but just maybe there will be some young people of intelligence and character who will not go quietly into that good night. (Although I suspect if there are any out there, the Koch brothers have already made down payments on their souls and negotiations continue for the rest of them.)