When It’s OK To Call Names

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott wants to be the next governor of Texas. It’s not that he dislikes Gov. Perry, he just thinks that he can do a better job. And he thinks that he can do it on the back of Wendy Davis – oooooh, I know that sounds a little sexual and they sure aren’t kinky in Texas, at least when anyone is looking.
Texas is red white n’blue republican and the sitting politicians don’t want the state to even think about listing toward falling into the arms of a democrat, especially an uppity female state representative. And to nail that sentiment to the state capital’s front door republicans feel it is their duty to distinguish that female offender needs to be put in her place. Do they use her liberal voting record, or the fact that she may slack off and waste taxpayer money on vacations, or sleep through church service to put her down? Nope. AG Greg Abbott decides to take a leaf out of Rush Limbaugh’s play book, and when a supporter calls Wendy Davis names, specifically “Wendy Davis is a retard Barbie” he goes with it and thanks him for it!
Rush Limbaugh, when he feels threatened by estrogen, likes to call noble women sluts, hos and fatties. All these women need to do to catch his ire is become visible, to speak up, to have a contrary opinion; to be liberal. This is why republican sisters stay silent – they could not even begin to stand the backlash of the GOTP talking heads disparaging their virtue and wrongheadedness. The heat alone would sear n’seal anyone’s lips but thank God their husbands don’t follow them into the voting booth – because someone voted for Wendy Davis.
I say, Wendy, You GO Girl! Never stopping climbing/reaching for whatever public office you want whether it be governor or senator or president, or another stint as state rep. Never stop speaking for women that don’t have a voice. The Wendy Davis’s, Gabby Gifford’s, Sandra Fluke’s, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s, Oprah Winfrey’s blended voices will ring out and demand that all women be recognized for our constitutional freedoms and rights equal to any man’s pursuit of happiness.
The name calling needs to stop and the GOTP needs to pull up their big boy tighty-whiteys and learn that the more they whine about opinionated women the least successful they will be – have no fear, my advice will wash right over their heads in a liberal tidal wave! Men, keep discourse civil. Take it from Rush when he gushes to his female ditto heads, “Kathy. One of my all-time, Top 10 favorite female names.”