Wake UP American Voters Before You’ve Been Bought and Paid For

“When women got the right to vote is when it all went down hill,” Limbaugh said on his radio show.

Honestly, Limbaugh insults everyone, except Grover Norquist and fellow instep GOTPers, pretty equally across the board. Rush lustily goes after Latino Americans; African Americans; Girl Scouts; NASA engineers; Rappers; Hollywood stars; Hispanics; Native Americans; Democrats en mass; soft independent voters; birth control users; AARP; NAACP; EPA; AFL-CIO; NEA; NOW; ADL: LGBT; Elizabeth Warren; public school teachers, welfare and food stamps recipients, Social Security and Medicare recipients; the unemployed; college students needing loan assistance; sick w/pre-existing illnesses & disabled health insurance users; Korean, Vietnam, Iraq & Afghanistan veterans using their benefits, etc. Gee, I listed just about everyone in the United States that would most likely (factoring those that do vote against their best interests) vote to reelect President Obama, and are the exact reasons that red states want to expunge from the voter rolls.

But Rush steers completely clear of: The Mighty NRA; Tea Party; KKK; Catholic or Mormon bishops; evangelists or religious fundamentalists; war-hawks; 1% elitists; AMA doctors; bankers; big pharm CEOs; n Wall Street; too-small-to-fail businesses; US & off-shore corporations; police and firefighters unions; Better Business Bureau; Super PACS, etc. (factoring out, of course, those registered republicans that will sit out this election because they don’t like or trust Mitt Romney – which Rush berates every chance he gets). Republicans will not let this presidential race go by without spending enormous amounts of money to obstruct and unseat a man that is trying to do the unpopular job of cleaning up what nearly destroyed our maligned country.

And what galls me the most, reader, is watching all the Super Pacs tally up their donations from the super wealthy and big corporations that could have been invested in American jobs and start-up green companies to employ ready and able US workers. This is my takeaway: 3.7 years have been used by Republicans and big corporations to stall and almost destroy the United States because the man that became president was not of their club, their society. Truman, and quite possibly Carter, may be the only presidents that understood the awesome exclusion, the marginalization that comes from being on the wrong side of the ole’ boy Republican network.

To the people, the voters, that have been promised, by their Republican benefactors that they will rise no matter their social or economic standing, that as long as their papers state that they are full-blooded bona fide Americans, they will have a share at the wealthy man’s trough WAKE UP because you will be share croppers and servants at the feast. Jesus Christ, in his humble cloak and sandals, will not only be unrecognized but will be ushered out by ICE agents! WAKE UP! Do not let your vote be purchased by flimflam artists and con men, don’t fall for empty stakes because you will be cast off as mules to ensure that the wealthy continue to live the lifestyle they are accustomed to. Bread & circus, my friends, let’s all eat (cheap) cake as the wealthy ship their millions & billions off-shore, until we are sated and easily led to the salt mines.

But I digress.

This essay was supposed to be about women voters and how Republican men, old farts as well as young, Senators and Representatives, can’t keep their legislation out of our reproductive nether regions. Rush thinks we are stupid and waste our votes because we care more about the social aspects of our society. We need to show him that we can think for ourselves and that we can turn off the radio and boycott as easily as any male voter! Not that I suppose that any woman is a single specialty voter but at least one concern for women young and old ought to be reproductive rights, especially when it comes to corporations and government trying to crowd themselves into our vaginas. Once this vagina, this body part, becomes a governmental sanctioned entity then the next step would be an invisible burka veil.

Read this and weep, sisters, we need to protect ourselves, our daughters and granddaughters – we need to stand strong against Republican legislation that plays fast and loose against rape laws, reproductive rights and doctor-patient privilege. Our sisters need Planned Parenthood for basic healthcare in rural and poor urban areas. We need to vote with the least of our sisters in mind, we need to vote for ourselves and our daughters, we need to vote for transparency and truth and freedom this November 2012.