Affordable Healthcare Act – YOYO or :0) ?

For the ACA nay-sayers out there, especially GOP Govs Jindal (LA), Walker (WI) & Scott (FL)of the You’re On Your Own (YOYO) Reaganomics, otherwise known as greedy tight-fisted bastards, that by creating a defiant stance against ACA they harm their constituents. But wait, that never stopped them before! Take a look at Jindal’s education voucher system that will give tax-payer dollars to Christian schools teaching Bible-based-Math and Creationism-Biology using workbooks and DVDs and the Loch Nest Nellie – poor bible-belt students in Louisiana with pre-existing health conditions! That will ensure that they will be left out of the 21st century and unable to compete with their public school peers from any state other than Texas, or Mississippi (because they will be in the same boat as well).

As a taxpayer from Massachusetts, I am required to fill in the form that indicates I have health insurance as part of the state tax package. No big deal – I’m not a free-loader that selfishly wants my health care to increase the costs for the next person that enters the hospital (I’ve had to pay these fees as part of my charges for surgeries).

This is what I have gleamed from reading about the ACA:

  1. If you are employed with a health insurance benefit/perk, ACA will NOT affect you.
  2. If you are unemployed or can’t afford health insurance, you’re exempt.
  3. If you can afford it but choose not to carry health insurance then you will pay the IRS.
  4. Buy you’re own health insurance and there is no tax penalty.
  5. Free-loafers that want something for nothing – shame on you!
  6. There are more than 50 million US citizens living w/o health insurance coverage – this is a sobering statistic! As fellow citizens we should care and applaud the SCOTUS’s constitutional ruling, affordable health care through affordable insurance should be one of our unalienable rights from cradle to grave. To be a YOYO is to be an incredibly boorish, greedy, nay-sayer.

Educate yourselves at this site:

Other people have their opinions (some far better than mine) which I will share here:

Outlandish 6/30/2012 @ 3:44 PM The Huffington Post:

When the political dust settles after the election the Republicans will capitulate as this model is the only model they ever wanted, they created the template and promoted for nearly 30 years.
It is the most free market model that corporate owned America would allow short of a revolution of conscience by the most comatose by propaganda nation on the planet …
This is the corporate model that still sees corporations profit by the increase in volume of the insured and the trade off is the loss in profit margin per insured.
They even will tolerate a price cap, elimination of preexisting conditions and an 80% treatment to 20% profit and cost ratio because they know the people are hurting and are looking around for who to blame for the pain and no matter how good the propaganda programming was, how many years it has been running and how many $billions they throw at think tanks to hone the black arts of propaganda, angry people are prone to ask questions and questions are a danger to them as the lies though well crafted and constructed, won’t stand up to scrutiny and their whole house of mirrors might come crashing down.
This whole charade is a role play aimed at giving the impression that whatever Obama does is inherently bad, even if what he does is their own idea and backed by their own financial backers in an attempt to maintain control.
The only problem for the Republicans is that the corporation owners are risking throwing them under the bus if people cotton on too quickly and before they have a chance to buy the last vestiges of democracy, through the auspices of the SCOTUS and Citizens United.

sunnubian 6/30/2012 @ 5:35 PM The Huffington Post:

What do people not understand about the fact that the only reason that anyone is able to get “group health insurance and group rates (via their jobs) is because the American taxpayers dollars are ALREADY paying for it by way of government subsidies to big insurance companies, and have been for decades; and because big insurance companies’ tax loopholes, right-offs and tax credits are ALREADY funded by the government as well with taxpayers dollars.
Right now millions of people work every day, but cannot afford the insurance premiums CHOSEN by their employer and they do not qualify for Medicaid, so they are left uninsured, but their tax dollars are funding the low “group rates” of those that DO have insurance. Besides, up until the Healthcare Act, health insurance with ANY job is/was a PERK, not a requirement,and certainly not available to everyone that works, let alone the poor. (which includes working people; millions of working people are poor), it takes less money to pay for a regular doctor’s visits than it does to pay for emergency room visits, which often turn into a hospital stays to treat an illness or injury that has been put off too long for outpatient care. In either case it is the taxpayer that winds up footing the bill, it only makes sense to foot the least expensive bill than the most expensive bill, and the Healthcare Act insures the latter.

Sean Jennings 6/30/2012 @ 6:02 PM The Huffington Post:

How does Bobby Jindal get away with the crap he spews? His state jails more people than any other in the country! And yet he doesn’t want to provide the poor of his state with the benefits of this health plan. Unbelievable a Republican can even hold his position when they clearly care nothing for the poor.

Roy Merritt old car guy 6/30/2012 @ 6:02 PM The Huffington Post:

I have never seen such a bunch of lies about one thing in all my life as about the Affordable Healthcare Act. Before you talk about tax increases or about lack of care read about it on neutral websites and you will find that this is an improvement and will control profits and costs. This is a good thing for the average American. 6/30/2012 @ 6:02 PM The Huffington :

To hell with the Republicans. In the history of their party they have never … NEVER … done anything for Jack and Jill on Main Street. NOTHING!

emerald almonds 6/30/2012 @ 6:03 PM The Huffington Post:

That’s because Jack and Jill need to take care of themselves.

Fedelia 6/30/2012 @ 6:09 PM The Huffington Post:

Remember that as you drive down your federally-funded highway in your federally-crash-tested vehicle to your federally-insured bank to withdraw a c-note with which to buy your federally-inspected food.

LinusNC “I think, therefore I am, a liberal” 6/30/2012 2 6:39 PM The Huffington Post:

Why is she happy about NOT giving this to the people?
Obama’s Health Care:
1. Have insurance, keep the plan.
2. Insurers cannot deny coverage for Pre-existing Conditions.
3. Ins Companies. can no longer Cap benefits for coverage in a year.
4. Limits out of pocket expenses you pay..
5. Health Insurers must do prevention and routine check ups at no or low cost.
6. Requires to treat women equally to men in coverage and prices. Women used to pay more.
7. Has a Public Option, like Medicare but for everyone to compete with Insurance Companies. THIS IS A GOOD ELEMENT.
8. Ability to compare drugs and procedure so your doctor can use the less expensive.
9. Students stay on their parents plan until age 26.
10. Up until now (unknowingly) already had taxes deducted from your monthly salary. Nothing new in terms of taxes.
11. Monthly payments are less.
12. Health Insurers would benefit by new clients
Obamacare will reduce the deficit.
Health care costs for young Americans won’t skyrocket.
Millions of jobs will be created.
It will be cheaper for employers to provide health care.

Fact Check lies:
Lie 1. Abortions to be paid for by Tax money.
Lie 2. Government decide when to pull the plug on your sick grandmother.
Lie 3. Help illegal aliens get access to Health Care.
Lie 4. Government will have access to your bank account.
Lie 5. A plot to bankrupt Health Insurance Companies.

Me: Well said.