Joke? Bullying is not a Joke

Reference: NPR The Takeaway Monday, May 7, 2012 Should Schools Punish Students for their Activities Off-Campus?
Students need to take responsibility for their actions & speech. I am getting tired of people (politicians, students, actors, singers, common citizens) falling back on their inappropriate behavior and trying to whitewash what they have done, written or said by saying “it was a joke, my bad.” No it isn’t and wasn’t a joke at the time it was first uttered or done to another person. No one gets a do-over. My am sick of this whole excuse thing – I totally believe that if the targets were school related, as were the listed girls and teacher then, like Gretel following the breadcrumbs, follow the threats back to the source. This is what cyber-bullying is folks, it is bullying, intimidating, threatening through the medium of the social network using the computer as the vehicle. Adults shouldn’t condone it, nor look the other way – it wasn’t a joke, it was a plan – treat it as such. Griffith Middle School did the right thing by expelling the girls and the ACLU is on the wrong side of this bullying issue.
Listen to the embedded Takeway spot and make up your own mind: The Takeaway May 7, 2012 .