1st Estate = clergy (Catholic Chuch) = French Revolution

Could a religious lawsuit possibly lead to another loss for the church? It was booted from its rich niche in the French monarchy-ruled government and then tossed out of all other European secular governments due to its overreach. Religious groups shouldn’t be allowed to set up a 1st Estate here in America.

I couldn’t say this better myself – keep the Catholic Church and right-wing-evangelical-tag-along groups out of our government, tax all US religious organizations, and leave human reproduction rights alone. Stop GOP from eroding women’s rights!

The Huffington Post reader/commenter blue53, had the following to say about the threat from Becket Fund Lawsuit against President Obama’s birth control insurance provisions concerning the Catholic Church. The citations are priceless. Posted 3/10/2012 at 9:29 AM:

Churches have lost every time they have gone to court on this matter. That’s why it is covered in the STATES—they lost.

Churches, hospitals and universities are considered PUBLIC institutions. That’s why they get the government cash. There is an exemption for the housekeeper and the rosary seller–they are chuch employees.The rest–not so much.

The Bishops rejected the compromise, and now we find out the objective is to eliminate the provision for EVERY woman-can you say BLUNT amendment. The church will lose again and women will win.
Examples of State and Federal Cases– Public institutions–thus must follow employment law.

Plenty of taxpayers have sued to stop government funding of church related institutions–and they lose–because of the “public” classification.

The bishops can always elect to stop taking the cash—another solution—which a lot of taxpayers would favor.