Bristol tells all – anyone surprised that she is taking after Mama Bear?

Bristol Palin Lost Virginity While Drunk

Good to know, Bristol. Is there nothing about yourself that you can keep to yourself? Sharing is not really caring – especially since I assume you will be teaching your son to read – does he have to be exposed to your sexual misdeeds when he gets old enough to be teased?

And, by the way, you are way too young to ‘write’ a memoir! What teachable moment life-stories have you lived through except losing your virginity while drunk (isn’t this the overdone “I wasn’t responsible I was wasted” excuse?) and getting knocked up while on a failed no-sex-before-marriage plan?

Jeese, girl, have some respect for yourself and find a new mentor – your mother isn’t giving you quality advise. Start crossing those legs of yours and get a good solid education so that you can inspire your son to reach for something better than being a money-grabbing fake!