Thanks, Mom

My dad told me that my mother was making time to sit down to read my blogs – whew! there are a lot of them! So, thanks to my mom my blog site has been experiencing fantastic readership while I haven’t been able to blog for about a month due to the senior rush and approaching state tests and finals … But maybe she isn’t the only reader because she can’t possibly be responsible for clicking through that many stories so – mucho thanks to all my readers – I’ll be back in about 3 weeks just raring to go and fill my pages with new stories and opinions (I never lack for those!) and recipes. I’ll also write about my National Endowment for the Humanities super week in July (Underground Railroad in New Bedford – yes, New Bedford is on the map with its living history and Civil War pride) and my Art Studio grad class (chock full of friends). Plus, plus, plus vacation weaving in Vermont. Wow, what a summer! Last summer I challenged myself to write at least 15 blogs – I met that challenge, so this summer I challenge myself to write 25 blogs, including editing my old blogs. I hope my mom can devote some serious sit-down-time at her computer to read my latest blogs!