Don’t Let the Door Hit You in the Butt, $arah

$arah Palin is sinking fast in political quicksand, and it didn’t come fast enough for me.

By April 2010, even 47 percent of Tea Party supporters said that Sarah Palin would not “have the ability to be an effective president”—while only 40 percent believed she would. At the height of Tea Party enthusiasm, Palin’s conservative populist base was saying “thanks, but no thanks” to a prospective presidential campaign. It was a judgment call by the people who knew her best. –The Palin Implosion, John Avlon

I only wish the Michele Bachmann would offer $arah 18-inches of hemp rope (she was told it would lengthen) to help pull her out – to be successful Michele would really need to lean forward, perhaps to offer Sarah a purchase on the rope … and whoops! With $arah’s greedy grip (in my scenario) she hauls Michele in and with their flailing it speeds their sinking.