No More H8

Sarah Palin will forever be linked to the horrendous Tucson tragedy; when I heard of the assassination attempt on Giffords’ life the first thing that I thought of was Palin’s rifle cross-hairs – I’m sure that others did as well – Infact, in a scary foreshadowing, Giffords herself condemned Palin’s call for “Reload!” and her nasty  visual aid. Palin, who is usually the victim in her life melodrama, asked to be excused (and not vilified) from any implied callout on her behalf when she campaigned for her Mama Grizzlies. When a call is put out for fellow Americans to arm themselves in defense of our nation being ruined by Democrat congresspeople that didn’t deserve the right (per Palin’s viewpoint) to serve their constituents in Washington D.C., someone has to answer for her choice of unfortunate rhetoric. And yet her aides claim that the cross-hairs had nothing to do with guns! Guns don’t kill people, people kill people with guns. Guns are Sarah Palin’s visual aides – no hunter-gatherer is she! Wolves, seals, and moose dread her hunting skills – and apparently so do American citizens because her reality show did not get renewed for more installments.

A lot of people have been holding their collective breath as Giffords lay in the hospital ICU fighting for her life, every day brings new that she rallies and her every (regained) movement is heralded across the internet, radio, TV, talk shows and newspapers. Her survival is tied to our survival. We all demand an end to hate speech when anyone is expressing their opinions; everyone one of us, without exception (this includes Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck, et. al.) must stop using negative language in their daily rants, stop calling names and bold faced lies – instead we demand that differences be voiced in a respectful manner – isn’t this what our kindergarten teachers taught us? If you can’t say anything nice then don’t say it at all. And for those literal-Bible people, Jesus Christ intoned the Golden Rule, admonished us to “love our neighbors as ourselves.” Yes, Rush, this is our country’s Kum Ba Yah moment where we ALL cast off our hating ways and learn to value each other and fight for the common good (this is where Boehner stifles his tears) to improve our great country. It would be one of our hardest goals to attempt, but like everything, tasks hard to achieve are worth doing well. This could be our country’s turning point toward healing our divisions, making us whole again …

Nah, what was I thinking? I didn’t think Limbaugh could go for a day without slinging hate!!!!!!

Before you go I thought that I would share this reader comment: Sarah Palin’s speech: Flag. Flag. Me. Me. Me. Me. Founding fathers. Me. Me. Flag. Flag. Me. Me. Blood stuff. Arizona Thingy. Me. Me. Me. –Albany Observer via TweetDeck Thanks, Albany, You made my day.