RCC Gender Apartheid



Angela Bonavoglia, Award-winning journalist and author, Posted this article on The Huffington Post August 16, 2010. Her excellent article about women being denied their rightful positions in the RCC has brought me to write an essay in  response to her thesis.  

I firmly believe that Jesus chose to accept female apostles, chose to share his God given gifts and talents with those female apostles as well as his male followers. That we hear little of of his female followers other than those mentioned specifically: wealthy benefactors, ill in search of healing, good Samaritans, adulterers, prostitutes, and kindhearted, subservient sisters grieving for their long dead brother, is proof of male jealousy and malicious intent to corrupt the words of Jesus Christ for their sole benefit.

 Even Mary (Jesus’ mother) is treated somewhat briskly, John and James hustle her off to the margins to retire her away from the limelight surrounding Jesus and his male followers. These male followers vex Jesus’ patience so much that he speaks to them in parables, as he would to young children to illustrate hard ideas, but even these parables often went way over their heads. Mary Magdalena could grasp Jesus’ thoughts completely and then turn around and instruct the rest of the followers in language more easily understood, she would coach, correct and clarify any misunderstandings, bringing his followers toward the light.

Because Mary Magdalena had access to Jesus’ ear and he looked for her, jealousy corrupted the hearts of the 12 inner group of followers and they did their best to discredit Mary Magdalena by casting her a prostitute, an adulterer, unclean, lowest of the low to be cursed female. They tried to eliminate her from all traditional oral stories and later the Bible carried on their vicious jealousies by ostracizing her from Jesus’ side at the Last Supper, and other sections of the “inspired by God” text. One thing couldn’t be changed, hard as they tried, Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalena at his Resurrection and she recognized him because she wanted to hold and caress him out of grief and love.

The Church’s claim of Jesus specifying that only men could form his church is unfounded – I find that this is propaganda, assisted by those two wonderful doctors of the early church, adulterers both of them: Augustus and Aquinas, who in their extreme hatred of all fallen, sinful woman (Eve) and elevation of Jesus’ virgin mother, Mary, spun a web of hateful doctrine that is the bedrock of the Roman Catholic Church to this very day. To connect ordaining women priests with priest pedophilia/sexual abuse of minors both male and female, as well as people of age, as high crimes is complete blasphemy. I think that Jesus has washed his hands of the RCC long ago recognizing that they have maligned his message to increase their coffers, shunned the very people he espoused to love, and turned blind eyes away from any misery that would soil their lily white hands.

Evil greed implodes, let the RCC decay and wither away, it will aide in it’s own demise, God Willing. Let faith-filled women and men begin a new Universal Catholic Church form ashes of the Vatican to begin to heal all those that were harmed and to bring an untarnished Jesus back to his flock. Amen.