GOP Rep Bob Inglis Article Blocked

GOP Rep Bob Inglis Mother Jones article (try it to see if you can read it):

After I finished reading page 1 of the Inglis article featured on Huffington Post and I clicked on the 2nd page it imploded and I can’t call it up again – even directly from Mother Jones herself! (read enough to know that Bob Inglis is now a marked man by the baggers.) I got the following error message from MS Internet Explorer: Internet Explorer cannot [more like will not] display the webpage. 

The Inglis article was full of some pretty explosive scary stuff about the Tea Party’s belief system and what they demand GOP reps and senators toe the line on set up primarily Beck, Limbaugh, Palin, Most of the Huff readers said that they couldn’t read the 2nd page and that the whole site went down. What’s up? Did Inglis open up Pandora’s box and let the truth fly free?