Did I Miss Something?

First, the Teabaggers and Republicans including Sarah Palin and Rand Paul, hate hate hate any type of corporate regulations – then Palin, in her latest Facebook shout out to American patriots, reveals that she advocates for government regulation of Corporate America and even take over of a certain oil spewing oil company in the Gulf of Mexico. Wait. First she hates it then she wants it??!!!? Don’t regulate Wall Street, do regulate oil companies, don’t regulate campaign finance, do regulate … my head aches with each twist and turn of Palin’s convoluted logic. [Read Bob Cesca’s 6/9 post “Sarah Palin Demands Hardball Regulations and a Takeover of BP” on www.huffingtonpost.com.]

One fact I was surprised by was how many oil rigs were operating in the Gulf of Mexico – the way the media reports on the crisis you would think that BP was the only oil platform in the gulf. Not so – NOAA reports that there are 3,858 oil and gas rigs operating at this time. Operating, I should point out, under Bush/Cheney laissez-faire non-regulations regulations. Scary? And despite the oil fiasco, gulf bordering states want more rigs put in place before regulations can be legislated and put in place because unemployed rig oil workers want jobs NOW. Who cares about the oily swamps and estuaries? Apparently not anyone connected in any way to big oil.

Doesn’t this up means down, regulate don’t regulate Republican side-speak kind of freak you out? How can you keep track of a shade that keeps on changing its shape?