Why Do Republicans Hate America?

Here is Sarah Palin’s hit list.

Ann Kirkpatrick Arizona http://www.kirkpatrickforarizona.com/
Harry E. Mitchell Arizona http://www.harrymitchellforcongress.com/
Gabrielle Giffords Arizona http://www.giffordsforcongress.com/
Chris Carney Pennsylvania http://www.carneyforcongress.com/
John Spratt South Carolina http://www.johnsprattforcongress.com/
Tom Perriello Virginia http://www.perrielloforcongress.com/
Alan Mollohan West Virginia http://www.mollohan.house.gov/
Nick Rahall West Virginia http://www.nickrahall.com/
Betsey Markey Colorado http://www.markeyforcongress.com/splash/031610
Allen Boyd Florida http://www.boydforcongress.com/
Suzanne Kosmas Florida http://kosmasforcongress.com/
Brad Ellsworth Indiana http://www.ellsworthforindiana2010.com/
Baron Hill Indiana http://www.hoosiersforhill.com/
Earl Pomeroy North Dakota http://www.pomeroyforcongress.com/
Charlie Wilson Ohio http://charliewilson.house.gov/
John Boccieri Ohio http://www.johnforcongress.com/
Kathy Dahlkemper Pennsylvania http://kathydahlkemperforcongress.com/
John Salazar Colorado http://www.salazarforcongress.com/home.asp

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When Sarah Palin uses the terms “target, aim, salvo, attack” and graphics of gun crosshairs, I am afraid some people will take her up on her hit list “suggestions”. She should be held accountable for her insidious remarks if any violence occurs because one’s actions and words have consequences. The problem with her language is that her mercurial/reactionary gun-toting base will take these as code words for action. All she has to do is call this “god’s war” and we’ll have a Evangelical jihad. Remember: Sarah Palin and her Christian followers are all about Armageddon. When do her threats and calls for violent revolution against the federal government become illegal? Will anyone stand up and stop Sarah Palin and make her legally responsible for her threats?

Crazy Republican Stunts During 3/22 – 26/2010

  1. Boehner said that some Democrats could be “dead men.”
  2. King slapping a picture of Pelosi.
  3. Bricks thrown through Democrat office windows.
  4. Threats of all kinds aimed at Democrats.
  5. Republicans are egging people on to commit acts of violence (domestic terrorism).
  6. Republican followers (manipulated by lies and distortions) are close to insanity.
  7. Republicans are refusing to work for their country after 2 PM! GOP obstructionism—If they won’t work, they shouldn’t get paid. They are wasting tax money and wasting government time! Dock their pay and cancel their health insurance. Rule 5(a) gives McConnell, Minority Leader, power to override any GOP objection & yield consent for committees to work beyond 2-hours, but of course, why would he leave the pack?