Music calms the soul

Going to the symphony makes gentlepeople of us all for one night. We choose our good clothes; pick lint off of our black pants, apply mascara and lipstick. We choose jewelry that hasn’t seen the light of day since last year’s finale. We dress up to sit in the dark to watch music being played as if notes were visibly floating in the air over our heads. We speak in hushed voices mindful of our neighbors using polite greetings and apologies when adjusting our seats or standing during intermission. We cover our yawns and muffle our coughs. We wouldn’t think of being rude, of cat-calling, pointing out mistakes, or showing our displeasure by booing. For one night six times during the year we agree to be refined, cultured, tolerant, peaceful, restful, silent. We agree to be our best selves, to show off our best sides, to leave our lives on the sidewalk, to sit amongst strangers watching music being played.