Side Trips, Maxi’s and Fireflies

It takes about 5 hours to drive up to the Burlington area from New Bedford, Mass. I usually travel up to spend two and a half weeks wrapped around the 4th of July with my bff Karin, and her daughter, Maya. This year I brought along my travel partner, Ed. Due to school ending late and my art studio grad class starting early, it left us with little time (6 days including travel days) to visit friends, shops, or outdoor recreation parks, and of course the rain didn’t help. One of my favorite places that I wanted Ed to experience was the downtown Burlington Italian cream soda bar. I have never seen whipped cream added to the varity of soda flavors anywhere else but it seems to be a big trend – even little coffeehouses out in the country offer Italian cream sodas. Which brings up coffeehouses – they are all over the place – small towns boast at least one coffeehouse offering free WIFI, newspapers, artisan breads, and all day breakfast. Green Mountain coffee flows everywhere! Since rain generally interferred with outdoor activities we scurried from car to venue as quickly as possible, the sun played in and out of the heavy clouds rolling around the mountains. We decided to go to see Vermont Bird Carving Musuem in Huntington (we even met the carver and were invited into his studio). I never knew the raven was so large in comparison to the common crow. Which brings me to Sunday flea markets and huge yardsales – to me recycled picked over junk that really needs to find a landfill, to Ed, navana. I guess you can never have enough needlenose pliers or pump drills. Thank God for rest areas with facilities!