Ethnic Dining Around SouthCoast

People are stopping Sue and me, independently of each other, at school, doctor and dentist offices, post office, and movie lines, to offer food ideas and suggest favorite restaurants for us to consider adding to our Eating Around SouthCoast list.
Wow. We seem to be eating vicariously for a large number of people!
Who knew that our Friday pursuit could grow into such a such a quest?!! And who knew that a friendship could root, bud and flower with such tasty fertilizer?
Our latest restaurant trip took us to Joe’s Shish-Kabobs, Rte. 6, Fall River (thank you, Karen). I printed up the menu at work and spoke with Jimmy, our school custodian of Lebanese decent, about dining suggestions: fatoush with toasted pita bread, kibbee (beef-not lamb), falafel, stuffed grape leaves, hummus, baba ghannouj (which didn’t make it to our table for some reason), tabouleh, and coffee and Lebanese Baklava for dessert. We ordered plates and shared between us liberally – Sue, Ed and I enjoyed ourselves immensely and decided that we may move this restaurant from ethnic food to watering hole category. This isn’t an every week restaurant (its too special for that) yet we felt drawn to return; I felt totally at home with the spices, languages spoken around me, and Lebanese news playing on the overhead screen. I make my own variation of tabouleh and hummus (I was a vegetarian back in my bread making, engineering days and raised my daughter on hummus and bean kurd – she is still a vegetarian today), and truth to tell, avoided kibbee because I never knew it was offered any other way. I won’t eat lamb. This was my first time in a Lebanese restaurant and I loved it as much as my Mexican favorites – I can live off these foods forever!
Sue is going off to Florida for vacation, Ed and I are off to Maine (Muddy Rudder, here we come –back, that is!) so we will officially suspend our SouthCoast eating together until May. I believe that an Italian restaurant will be our next stop, perhaps the Pasta House in Fairhaven. We may be dining at the table next to yours — give us a nod and say hello!

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  1. Nate and I have been seeking an authentic Mediterranean/Middle Eastern eatery within reasonable local travel distance for some time and I do believe you have just tipped us off to one that may fit the bill.

    I definitely foresee a trip to Joe’s Kabob for us in the near future.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

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